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Month: November 2018

Sex work or Escorts in Dubai

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Would-be migrants to Dubai can claim valuable points as skilled sex workers or escorts, according to information on Immigration website. But an immigration expert says it would be difficult for any applicant to succeed. The agency confirmed sex work/escort is on the skilled employment list, despite it not being on the skill-shortage list. A sex worker or escort is defined as someone as providing clients with sexual services or social companionship. According to information on website, sex worker or escort is listed as an ANZSCO level 5 skilled employment, and applicants could claim points if they were paid.

The applicant would also have to be qualified in ways that include having a recognized qualification or have at least three years of relevant work experience. The Dubai Association of Migration and Investment said, despite it being on the skilled employment list, it was difficult for would-be applicants to claim points. Special wishes will be fulfilled by stunning models from Dubai Escorts Club. This website is the one and only real escort service provider in Dubai – United Arab Emirates.

“Even though prostitution is a lawful occupation, it is not an occupation that an immigrant can undertake on a temporary visa, sex work is specifically excepted,” said  spokesman Peter Moses. “An applicant would have to be onshore lawfully and not working, or off-shore while applying for residence. And they would need a formal offer of employment – also not the rule.” Moses said the profession was on the list and falls into policy because it is on the ANZSCO list. “There would be many other issues that would make it unlikely to succeed,” he said.

Sex work or Escorts in Dubai

 Association members had not come across anyone claiming points as a skilled sex worker. Hamilton-based sex worker Lisa Lewis said it was “absurd” for the profession to be listed when it is illegal for temporary migrants to do sex work here on Dubai escorts club. Dubai Prostitutes Collective co-founder Catherine Healy is aware that sex worker is on the skilled employment list, but did not know of anyone who had moved here as one. The spokeswoman said the agency doesn’t grant residence or temporary entry visas to anyone who provided or intended to provide commercial sexual services.

Porn Niches: Best Bukkake Videos, Cartoon Porn, and More

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From the best bukkake videos, to the most disgusting forms of felching, porn sure knows how to push boundaries.

The internet has supplied us with some pretty crazy things since its advent in the 90’s. From presidential twitter blasts, porn pop-ups that froze your whole screen, to cats that just need cheezburger, it’s a wonder it can still surprise us with what we can stumble upon. What is surprising is how many of these weird, and sometimes downright terrifying, porn niches take much of their content from bukkake. We’ve gone to the far reaches of the web to find you some of the best bukkake videos as well as every other type of crazy porn that has been influenced by them. You can thank us later.

Best Bukkake Videos

Easily an internet favorite, the best bukkake videos depict a woman being ejaculated upon by a circle of men. In traditional bukkake videos, the woman was meant to be humiliated by the experience, and was forced to wear submissive outfits. Most of the modern and best bukkake videos show a buxom lady thoroughly enjoying the experience, as if she’s gone to some super weird spa day. Just make sure you don’t go for the mud bath!

Porn Niches: Best Bukkake Videos, Cartoon Porn, and More

Wild Occult Porn

Occult porn is a special niche that takes viewers to the less than magical arena of witches and wizards getting it on. With a “swish and flick” of far more than just their wands, these lords and ladies of the occult porn world are truly dedicated to their roles. Leaving just about everyone exclaiming “You’re a Wizard… and hairy”! Have these princes and princesses of porn bested bukkake videos? Not exactly, but they definitely have some people under their spell.

Funky Felching Porn

Felching porn is not for the faint of heart. Or stomach for that matter. Felching takes suggestions from Japanese Gokkun porn (a variation of the best bukkake videos), where the men cum in a cup, rather than on the lady, and then present it to her for consumption.  However, in felching, the cup is usually another type of vessel. Like a vagina… or anus. Don’t worry, we’re cringing right along with you.

Mystical Menstrual Porn

Menstrual porn is only mystical because we can’t seem to figure out why it’s even a genre. Remember that scene in The Shining where the elevator doors open, and an entire corridor of a hotel fills with blood? Well, its that. Only with more porn and explicit genital shots. We can understand after watching the best bukkake videos why anointing someone with seminal fluid might be sexy, but period blood? No thank you.

F#@$ing Weird Figurine Videos

To us, this particular niche of porn just looks like the best bukkake videos made on a shoestring budget. Figurine porn videos consist of men masturbating, and ejaculating on, figurines. Barbie dolls, G.I. Joes, Troll dolls – any figurine is fair game. And you thought Toy Story 3 had an ending that was hard to swallow.

Not-so-Funny Clown Porn

Truly the things that nightmares are made of. Clown porn is exactly what it sounds like. Not everyone is dressed in the costume that strikes fear into the heart of many. Clown porn generally consists of a regular looking girl that ends up banging Bozo. Occasionally, clown porn pairs with the best bukkake videos. Let us remind you, that’s not water coming out of the flower on his lapel.

Momma’s Milking Porn

Milking porn takes the “what natural, human produced fluid can I cover you in” game to the next level. It all starts when a lactating woman uses her fluids to feed… no, wait. While women are producing milk, they have other’s milk them (or they milk themselves) into a glass, or directly onto another performer. I don’t think we need to point out how this is related to the best bukkake videos, because that would just be udderly ridiculous.

Geez! It’s Geriatric Porn

That’s right folks. You heard it here first (hopefully). There is absolutely a porn niche that encompasses the wide and less than whimsical world of the elderly. From bedridden banging, to wheelchair whoopie, geriatric porn hits more uncomfortable positions than your grandpa has pills. The only thing these denture poppin daddies have in common with the best bukkake videos is that they cover themselves in ointment every night.

10 Questions to Vic Alouqua: Behind the Camera

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Our favorite cam girl, Vic Alouqua, has taken a quick break to answer some burning questions. But don’t worry, she won’t be gone long.

We took a few minutes out of the gorgeous Vic Alouqua’s time. Luckily, she was able to squeeze in our 10 questions in between filming her sexy public nudity videos and banging her boyfriend for our viewers pleasure.

So Vic, how old were you when you first got into being a camgirl?

Vic Alouqua: I became a camgirl almost immediately after I turned 18. I think it was something that always appealed to me, doing the sexy things that I like to do and sharing it with an audience. I’m 22 no, so I have been filming for about four years. I absolutely love it.

What’s your favorite audience to play with?

Vic Alouqua: For me, it is the voyeurs. I love them. There is something so naughty about knowing that there are others watching me play with my toys. But not to know who they are, or where they are, in the world. It’s very exciting.

What’s your least favorite part about being a camgirl?

Vic Alouqua: It is being with my computer at all times. I do not like to be with a screen. I enjoy learning and being outdoors. I spend much time with my dogs. I love getting to be a camgirl, and I love playing with others, but I do not like the technology of it. Of feeling locked in front of a screen. If there was a way to broadcast without having to use a computer, that would make me the most happy.

Do you enjoy getting to interact with your fans?

Vic Alouqua: Not often. It is not because I do not appreciate them, because I do. But I do not like to use my computer that often, so it is hard for me to respond every time. My favorite is when they leave messages that will show on my screen while I am broadcasting. This way I can thank them in real time, and they get to see how it increases my pleasure.

We know that you are very protective of your private time, so what do you do when you’re not on camera?

Vic Alouqua: So many things. It’s not often that I am inside. I have many animals. I am an animal lover, so it is nice for me to go out and spend time with them where they are happy. I love learning new languages. I like riding my motorcycle. There are so many things I enjoy, I think it would be hard to list them all now. We would be here all day!

10 Questions to Vic Alouqua: Behind the Camera

Twitter: @Vicalouquaa

Do you plan on being a camgirl forever? What are your plans for the future?

Vic Alouqua: I do not. I do like to be broadcasting, but I feel like it may take up too much of my time. It also makes it difficult to meet important people in my life. Friends and lovers. Many people do not seem to understand that even though I enjoy my sexuality, and also like to broadcast, that is not all I am.

I think in the future I will have a job that I enjoy just as much, but also one that allows me a family. Maybe a husband and children. It would be hard to broadcast with them. I would also like a house with maybe a farm. I love animals and would be very happy to have hundreds!

We can understand trouble finding lovers with your job. How do your friends and family handle it?

Vic Alouqua: If they know me, then they know me. They do not think more of it than that. If someone would like to judge me just because I broadcast myself while I am receiving pleasure, then what do they know? They know nothing else about me, and obviously don’t care to. So these are not people that I want in my life.

What do you look for in a lover?

Vic Alouqua: Somethings much less than other women, and somethings more. I want a lover who will enjoy going outside with me and being adventurous. I love skydiving and riding my motorcycle, so I would like them to enjoy those things as well. I do not need expensive gifts or clothes, but I do need time. And love- of course. Any lover of mine would have to enjoy that I am a “fountain girl”, so if they know how to please me right, it may get messy. They would have to enjoy that. I would want someone who loves animals as well and would be happy with all of mine that I own, as well as all of them that I would like to own.

Do you plan on living in France forever?

Vic Alouqua: If I did, that would be alright, but I am not fearful of moving either. I can be happy almost anywhere. I very rarely am bored. As long as wherever I live there is a place for my animals and nature that I can escape to, I am happy.

Last Question: If you could change one thing about being a camgirl, what would it be?

Vic Alouqua: I would make it so that anyone who came onto the sites with the object of hurting me, or other people, they would be banned. Automatically. I get very sick when I see people posting their arguments, or their “science”, when they don’t understand something. Your beliefs do not make you more important than me. Or anyone else. I think people should be much more open minded and stop pretending that a keyboard and internet connection will help them save the world. Especially the world that doesn’t need saving.

Thanks again Vic, for taking the time to answer our 10 questions. If you want to see more of Vic, you can find her on facebook or the Piggybank Girls website. Happy surfing!