Differences between agency escorts and independent escorts

Differences between agency escorts and independent escorts

The world of satisfaction is a very long one, and nowadays it has become so globalized that it even has its good and bad sides depending on how it is presented. In this case, we will see the difference between the london escorts who work with an agency and those who provide their services individually.

Our first recommendation is that, like prostitutes, many people take advantage of the escort name to offer fraudulent services that probably do not match what you are looking for. So we will always recommend that you hire reputable escort agencies. But if you still don’t understand why, we will explain it to you.

Commitment to clients

One of the things we take care of the most in professional agencies like Theory Love Escorts, is that our escorts are healthy and able to provide a quality service. This means constant examinations as the girls offer quality sexual services, and in addition to rules that keep everyone safe. But the girls who work on the streets do not necessarily have so much decorum with themselves, so it is important to always opt for professional services as an illness caused by poor hygiene or precaution can be fatal in these cases.

Special training

An escort does not only open her legs to satisfy someone else, there are many more services besides sexual enjoyment that may or may not be there. The girls learn conversation techniques, how to attract men, how to behave in important situations as many men hire these girls for business events where they need to bring an escort. Usually the agency itself teaches them these kinds of things once they start working with them.

While the independent girls who do this type of service, well, you have to pray that they know these things and it is a matter of luck.

Greater security

It goes without saying that each agency knows personal information about each of their girls and that they work through a confidentiality contract, this means that they do not reveal any type of client information when they leave the job. And clearly if there is any kind of uncomfortable situation with the escort you can report it.

While there have been cases of prostitutes or independent escorts who are not really what they say they are and tend to spread the information and even commit criminal acts such as theft because someone simply put their trust in them. So again, we recommend you to choose well and do not give yourself a hard time.

If you are looking for beautiful, educated, charismatic and charismatic london escorts that will make you spend an excellent day, at Theory Love Escorts we are always available for you and for your deepest fantasies. Enjoy for sure.

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